Can you support King’s College Hospital staff? Or volunteer for Team Lambeth?

Fundraisers for staff working at King’s College Hospital during Covid Lockdown.

As we go through another challenging Covid-19 lockdown and hospitals come under immense pressure, please think of donating to any of the following fantastic fundraisers to help NHS staff at King’s.

GoFundMe Buy Them A Coffee was set up by local resident Jill Orr to support the amazing, hardworking staff at King’s. The fundraiser has just been re-started – it raised £43k in the first lockdown – to provide fresh food, treats and essentials for dthose staff working on the Covid wards, in ICU, the Wellness Hub and all those working at King’s College Hospital. 

Click here to go to the GoFundMe Buy Them A Coffee page to find out more and donate 

In the first lockdown, many local residents donated and local businesses helped with fundraisers and food deliveries, too. This time round, it’s more difficult economically for everyone. However, Jill, local residents and businesses have already been active in finding ways to support:

Jill gives these latest updates (which you can read on the web page):

“Thank you all for spreading the word and helping us expand our fundraising. There are now over 30 covid wards operational. We are working with them and the hub staff to support the delivery of wellness boxes to the staff who service these wards. For the most part these boxes are made up of product donations (toiletries and treats) to the hospital and to the charity (Support Kings) but they can also include local donations too. If your street or your business would be interested in finding out more, drop us a line at
Already happening this week:
– Fresh fruit is being delivered every Wednesday from the team at Smith and Brock (
– Doughnuts are being delivered from Ayres Bakery (
– Bradley Foods ( – who work with Ayres Bakery – have gifted some snacks for the wellbeing hub
– Suzanne James Catering ( and Vits and Kicks ( are supplying fresh immune boosting juices and smoothies to the staff in the critical care units 

You can also donate directly to the King’s College Hospital’s S.O.S. Appeal – Support Kings – Support Our Staff.
“If you would like to see how we have supported #TeamKings amid the COVID emergency so far, please read our report on how together, we have made a real difference. Donations to the S.O.S. Appeal will be used across our whole range of valuable work of King’s College Hospital Charity which supports King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

One of SE5 Forum’s new board members – Joanna Large – is a King’s nurse redeployed to ICU and has already been a very grateful recipient! 

Other cafes and restaurants are also lending their support and you can donate to them directly while helping local businesses:

Buy Them a Pizza: Theo’s Pizzeria
Theo’s Pizzeria is also running its own fundraiser by asking locals to buy a pizza for King’s staff. You can buy a voucher for £5 or more – and this donation provides funds for Theo’s Camberwell to make and deliver free food to the frontline staff at the hospital. Go to:

Lumberjack: Buy Lunch for an NHS Worker
Buy lunch (or a bundle of lunches); a main, a drink, and a snack for someone working on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic. As Lumberjack says: “It’s only a small gesture when compared to what they’re doing for us, but by feeding our frontline workers, we can help them carry on with their vital work during long and demanding shifts. You buy it, we’ll distribute it!”

Lumberjack is a small charity-owned cafe in Camberwell and every bundle you buy also helps us the cafe so that post-Covid they can go back to helping young people step up into employment. Go to:

Team Lambeth is looking for volunteers:

See the flyer below but use the links here to find out more and/or register directly: 
If you’d like to know more, please submit your question here
If you’d like to sign up now, please have one form of picture ID ready and register to volunteer here