Our Mission

The SE5 Forum works to improve Camberwell for the benefit of all members of our diverse community. We are a voluntary group of board members working closely with our supporters and the community. SE5 Forum was set up to be the eyes, ears and voice of the community, to see and understand what is happening within the area, to listen to concerns and raise them with the relevant organisations. 


The SE5 Forum works with a number of partners in the local community to gather views and deliver improvements. Find out more about our partners here.

New Vision & strategy for Camberwell

The SE5 Forum consulted the views of Camberwell people to find out what people like about Camberwell and what they want to change. We worked on a new Vision for Camberwell to capture and share those views. The Vision set out the areas that people wanted to focus on for the next 3 years. This fed into our Strategy & Action Plan 2018-21 focusing on Business, Transport and Identity. We are now finalising our Strategy for 2021-24 focusing on Business, Transport and Identity and a new Environment theme. 


Our Story in Years

 After consulting Camberwell people we set up SE5 Forum and hosted the Camberwell ‘Jigsaw’ Event to gather information about “What’s Good, Bad, Missing in Camberwell”.

 Set up the Camberwell Leisure Centre Working Party which led to the refurbishment of the Leisure Centre.

 Held Beijing Olympics Handover Event on Camberwell Green which attracted 2000 visitors.

 In response to concerns expressed by consultants at King’s College Hospital A&E we hosted a Knife Crime Symposium.

 Joined Lambeth Forum Network which provides much needed core funding.

 Led the campaign to save the South London Line.

 Launched Camberwell Artists Network with an event showcasing local creative industries.

 Launched Camberwell Business Network (CBN).

 Vision for Camberwell published.

 Supported the creation of Camberwell Green Farmers Market.

 Creation of Camberwell Community Choir.

 One year to Go Olympic Event on Camberwell Green.

 Launched Friends of Camberwell Green.

 Secured Cleaner, Greener Safer Funding for Lomond Grove Green Link from Camberwell Green to Burgess park.

 Following the 2011 riots CBN was awarded £50K from Community Restoration Fund for work with businesses and the community.

 Supported Early Years Groups in celebrating the Olympic Torch visit to Camberwell.

 First Camberwell Palace of Variety.

 Free Film Festival.

 Camberwell Food and Drink Festival.

 Scare Concert.

 “Meet the Candidates” Event – Camberwell people met local election councillor hopefuls.

 Successful submission to the High Street Challenge for Camberwell Business Improvement District (BID) feasibility study.

 We concentrated on forwarding the Camberwell Business Improvement District.

 Building links between Southwark and Lambeth friends of libraries and green spaces group.

 Successful Bid to register the Nag’s Head PH as an Asset of Community Value.

 We concentrated on forwarding the Camberwell Business Improvement District.

 After public consultations, we drew up an ambitious Vision for Camberwell, concentrating on what people wanted to see over the next three years.

 Further moves are made towards setting up a Camberwell business network.

 Nominated Community Group of the Year in the Southwark Stars Awards by Community Southwark.

 The transport group raised its campaign to support the re-opening of Camberwell train station.

 SE5 Forum draws up a Strategy & Action Plan after consultation with the public focusing on Business, Transport and Identity.

 The Transport Group continues its popular campaign to support re-opening Camberwell train station and reduce air pollution

 Our Camberwell Identity Group successfully crowdfunds for Camberwell Banners and launched the Camberwell brand designs at the AGM in October.

 The business group holds a range of successful business networking events. 

 Camberwell Banners went up, 2 Camberwell murals were unveiled and the Identity Group continues work on Camberwell’s new brand designs. 

 SE5 Forum supports the local community during the Covid crisis by sharing vital information and resources on website, newsletters and social media.

 The Business and Identity groups with Camberwell Society and Camberwell Arts work on supporting local businesses during Covid and develop Love Local Campaign, new website Camberwell.life & Travel Guide to Camberwell.

 The Transport Group holds a stakeholder event with Network Rail on the re-opening of Camberwell train station.

 More Camberwell Banners went up, a Camberwell map and Travel Guide to Camberwell produced, plus new merchandise for business. 

 We hold a successful public meeting on Zoom on How to Create a Better Camberwell with 49 attendees. 

 We run a social media campaign around the problems of bus idling and clean air on the green. 

 The Camberwell identity branding is used in the new Denmark Hill second entrance. 

Meet the Board

Sophy Tayler

Sophy Tayler Chair


Sophy has lived and raised a family in Camberwell. Most recently her work in SE5 Forum has balanced longer, more strategic aims on transport (like re-opening the railway station) with more immediate activities like working with parks groups on litter picking and green issues. She is looking forward to more partnership working to increase the positive impact that SE5 Forum can achieve on behalf of the membership.

Barbara Pattinson

Barbara Pattinson


Barbara was formerly Chair of SE5 Forum from its inception until February 2021. Recognitions include a Southwark Civic Award, 2010 Volunteer Centre Southwark Active Citizen and Keib Thomas Community Activist of the Year. She is patron of Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers and a Kings College Hospital Foundation Trust Governor.

Will Reeves

Will Reeves Vice-Chair


Will has re-joined the SE5 Forum bringing his passion for and extensive experience to focus on environment and transport issues locally –  especially air pollution and reducing emissions around SE5, working with the councils to install more electric vehicle charging points and promoting the good work companies in SE5 are doing to reduce emissions, such as the two bus garages.

Marie Staunton

Marie Staunton Secretary


Marie is Secretary of SE5 Forum and also leads on Camberwell identity. She is a key member of the Camberwell Identity group, which is made up of SE5 Forum, Camberwell Arts and Camberwell Society, as well as other volunteer experts. Marie has extensive CEO, board and chairing skills in the voluntary and non-profit sector.


Andy Murray

Andy Murray Treasurer


Andy is an accountant and brings his considerable financial skills to the SE5 Forum board as treasurer. 

Simon J Taylor

Simon J Taylor


Simon J Taylor is the SE5 Forum Arts lead and is also involved in the business group.

Christine Coleman

Christine Coleman


Christine is a local resident with links to the Camberwell Society. Christine is involved in the Identity Group and takes a lead on organising the SE5 Forum market stall and merchandise.

Nigel Brissett

Nigel Brissett


Nigel is a surveyor and has worked on a number of development and regeneration projects in London. He is CEO of Xian Capital and a Director of Black Enterprise Forum Ltd. His passion is to see growth and development in south east London, and he is concerned about issues relating to youth education, poor housing job creation in the area. As a new SE5 Forum board member in 2020, Nigel is looking to identify and explore new ideas surrounding development opportunities, regeneration and job creation.

John Frankland

John Frankland


John has been involved in community safety since 1986 and has chaired the Herne Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel since 2005. He is also a member of the Coldharbour Panel and the Lambeth SNP Chairs Group. John works with three Lambeth area forums and is a school   governor. John is SE5 Forum Deputy Lambeth Rep.

Mastoor Khan

Mastoor Khan


Mastoor is actively involved in the Camberwell Identity group and establishing links with local faith groups. 

Shazna Choudhry Shazna Choudhry


Shazna joined in October 2021 and is interested in campaigning for Camberwell to become a safer and greener space, and in what we can do for young children and older adults who have become more vulnerable and isolated due to Covid. 

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones


Tony has now lived in Camberwell for the last 20 years and joined SE5 Forum in October 2021. He has set up a new Improving Camberwell Streets sub-committee. Before joining, he worked hard to keep enviro crime low by reporting issues, as well as identifying empty tree pits on the streets and chasing street lighting issues. He thinks collectively we can make Camberwell a much more attractive place for businesses to start up and locate to. 

Amie Konteh

Amie Konteh


Amie, a new member in October 2021, is a Camberwell resident and chair of the Tenant Residents Association (TRA) of Goschen Estate. Her main profession is working/supporting two frontline key worker services in mental health and heart failure community services. She is involved with local groups in promoting healthy lifestyles. A  keen roller skater, she is part of the Burgess Park Skating community as well as the Burgess Park running club. She joined the SE5 Forum board in October 2021 as she wants to create and encourage an all-inclusive and culturally diverse community group setting. 

Craig Francis Craig Francis


Craig joined in October 2021. A born and bred Camberwellian, he has worked over 5 years on the Camberwell Free Film Festival, and supported the Camberwell Arts Festival, Camberwell Community Choir, and Theatre Peckham. As a creative facilitator, a black man, a roller skater, and mental health first aider, Craig also recently set up a CIC with the hope of filling the creative gaps in Camberwell. He would like to bring back a local roller rink and safe creative space back to the area. 

Zoe Avison

Zoe Avison


Zoe moved to Camberwell in 2021 and loves its vibrancy and community feeling. She joined SE5 Forum board in order to contribute to Camberwell and help improve it for everyone. She works as a policy analyst a national environmental think tank and therefore has a particular interest in the environment – especially transport, planning and greening. She is particularly interested in cycling and walking, green spaces and sustainability, and also possible uses for meanwhile spaces relating to the circular economy.

Victor Ferreiro

Victor Ferreiro


Victor, a new member in October 2021, was brought up in Camberwell and set up the successful Camberwell Free Film Festival. He also secured an asset of community value for The Cambria pub and is passionate about making sure the last original purpose-built cinema theatre left in Southwark, here in SE5, can revert back to a cinema/arts/community hub in the near future. 

Marika Thorogood

Marika Thorogood Admin


Marika works for SE5 Forum as a self-employed admin and communications professional. She joined in 2018 and oversees SE5’s admin and communications, including website, enewsletter, social media and is also involved in a wide range of other activities such as publicity, fundraising and event management.