SE5 Forum for Camberwell is working on a wide range of projects in 2021, touching on all areas of Camberwell life, from health, environment and wellbeing, to business and transport. Learn more below

strategy & action plan 2021


SE5 Forum’s board members held a Strategy Refresh in November 2020 following the success of our 2018-21 Strategy & Action Plan, which focused on Business, Transport & Identity. That plan had seen the creation of the Camberwell Identity Group in partnership with Camberwell Arts and Camberwell Society, resulting in  new Camberwell brand designs, murals and banners, as well as support for businesses through our business network events and a continued campaign to reopen the train station and create a second Denmark Hill entrance (now in process). 

Our new Strategy for 2021 onwards will continue to build on our Business, Transport and Identity projects and campaigns, and introduces a new working group on Environment, which will look at planning issues, greening and rewilding, tree planting and local walks.

We always engage and run consultations with all areas of the community to get feedback and guidance on what residents and businesses would like to see in Camberwell. We send out a regular enewsletter to forum members on local news and ways of having your say in local issues. You can subscribe to the enewsletter here. You can also follow us on social media – Facebook and Twitter. 


SE5 Forum is part of the Camberwell Identity Group with Camberwell Arts and Camberwell Society. This partnership group is working on creating more awareness and identity of Camberwell as an area. The group has created 2 of the 4 Camberwell murals planned on the main roads to welcome people into the area, and are planning more Camberwell banners, Camberwell maps and Black History walk. We are also engaging with large developments such as Camberwell Station Road and Butterfly Walk to ensure Camberwell identity designs are included in planning schemes.  

With Business, we are helping to promote the local area’s businesses and organisations through the Camberwell Life website and the Travel Guide to Camberwell. 

Our SE5 Forum identity group plans to create a Camberwell Run and a series of talks Camberwell Conversations – Covid permitting.


Our transport group is focusing on:

• Tram: working with stakeholders and Southwark Council on the possibility of a tram line to Camberwell from Elephant & Castle. 

• Train: continuing our campaign to re-open the train station, again working with Southwark and Lambeth Council and other key stakeholders. 

• Bus idling on the green: a push to get bus drivers to stop causing unnecessary pollution on Camberwell green when leaving buses idling at changeover points. 

• Promote cycling routes and safety, more on-street bike storage, and the cyclist experience in Camberwell. 


We provided ongoing support online for local businesses during the Covid lockdowns, and now we are promoting local businesses with our new Camberwell Life website and Love Local campaign. 

With the identity group, we have developed Love Local merchandise using the new Camberwell identity for businesses to use in their shop fronts, on tote bags and in communications to promote our local business community. We already have around 50 businesses signed up as Camberwell Business Champions on our website. We are also printing a new Travel Guide to Camberwell featuring local businesses. 

We are also developing our Saturday market stall on Camberwell Green into a Camberwell community stall – to open up to other local voluntary organisations, plus give the chance for local artists, designers and groups to promote themselves. 


Low Line: working on creating a walking route from Coldharbour Lane to Walworth. 

Greening & trees: self-guided walks and events to promote the area’s trees and green spaces for and for health and wellbeing. Promote area as green neighbourhood. Caring for local green heritage. 

WINS & Successes: 

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