We need your input – Quietway 8 Kennington Park to Burgess Park

We need your input – Quietway 8 Kennington Park to Burgess Park

Quietway 8 Kennington Park to Burgess Park 

https://consultations. southwark.gov.uk/environment- leisure/qw8 


A new safe, quiet route between Kennington Park and Burgess Park is coming to make it easier and safer to get around on foot or by cycle. This route is for everyone – and is particularly good if you’re travelling with children or if you want a quiet route to get to the shops, school or work. With your input and support our engineers and safety specialists will be able to design this route to be quieter, away from heavy and fast moving traffic and polluted air. Help us get it right.

This new walking and cycling route was developed due to concerns about road safety and is designed to create a better link between Kennington Park and Burgess Park for cyclists and walkers. As most of the route is part of other schemes, right now we just need your local knowledge to make sure that the part of the route between Kennington Park and Addington Square – shown below – works for you and to know whether there is anything we have missed. We are trying to make as little disruption as possible focusing on clear signage, better surfacing, new paths for walking and cycling including some changes to parking spaces.

Why We Are Consulting

https://consultations. southwark.gov.uk/environment- leisure/qw8/

Quietways are a network of cycle routes in London that run through streets with low traffic volumes. Linking key destinations, the vast majority of Quietways follow back streets with some on paths across parks and open spaces. The routes are for new less-confident cyclists who want to avoid busy roads. Quietways form an integral part of the Council’s Cycling Strategy and the Mayor of London’s vision for cycling. We want to increase cycling and walking as a preferred way of getting around locally.

Kate Tiernan

Consultant | Southwark Council