Fun Palace – Flying Designing

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Fun Palace – Flying Designing
Date(s) - 07/10/2017
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Theatre Delicatessen, the old library,


A free Fun Palaces event – everyone an artist everyone a scientist.
A family friendly event suitable for all ages at Theatre Delicatessen, the Old Library in Burgess Park.

Three drop-in family workshops – take part in one or have a go at all three. Children must be accompanied by parent/carer at all times. Something for all ages.

The Fun Palace workshops will use everyday materials that show some scientific principles.
Flying Designing – The Fun Palace workshops will use everyday materials that show some scientific principles.
1. Build an rocket
Rockets need to be very strong, but also very light, and to survive extreme heat and cold, travelling at great speeds, zooming through planets’ atmospheres and perhaps even being struck by space junk.
Build your own versions of some special designs for different parts of spacecraft. Make a honeycomb panel like a satellite would have, a shiny space blanket which protects a rocket from the Sun’s radiation but lets the air come out, and a parachute to stop your rocket crashing!
Led by Alice Sheppard Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS), and in association with The Society for Popular Astronomy

2. Build an airship
Over 100 years ago large airships loomed over London. They were a new invention and this was the first time many people would have seen any type of aircraft. In the “Zeppelin 1917” we will have a large model of a Zeppelin airship made from canes and paper hanging from the ceiling.
Come and a make a model mini zeppelin airship or design your own travel machine. Your airship design will need to be light to go up into the sky using lightweight materials like straws, canes and paper.
Led by Florence Goodhand Tait, Art in the Park

3. Natures designs
Come a take a close look at flowers and make some. Flowers have symbolic meanings
White poppies as a symbol of peace
Orange marigolds as the symbol for the day of the dead
Red poppies – after the First World War, the poppy was adopted as a symbol of Remembrance.
Make your own paper flowers, and choose your own symbolic meaning.