Camberwell Covid Champions: Read positive stories about local volunteers

Clap for our Camberwell Covid Champions!
So many of you in the local community have been helping those in need and we are starting this Positive Stories page about local volunteers – Camberwell Covid Champions, which we will also circulate on social media to keep our spirits up!

Read the latest positive stories from Selborne Covid-19 Mutual Aid group in South Camberwell:
• Will, Freya, Becks, PJ, Ellie, Rosie, and Roddy and Nadia of the Selborne Covid-19 Mutual Aid group have been visiting an extremely anxious and isolated 73-year-old man in lockdown. He is hard of hearing and struggles to talk by phone. Every day they visit and chat to him through his open window, taking biscuits, grocery shopping and  magazines. They have sorted out his Council Tax and gas bills and are trying to source a CD player so he can listen to music. He is a classically trained singer, a former mixologist and has a really interesting history.
• Christina and Lucy, the co-ordinators of the Selborne Mutual Aid group, have organised a daily hot meal for a homeless man now staying in a local hotel.
• Hannah D, Clare, Ellie, Lizzie, Hannah C and Ma are cooking and delivering home-cooked meals every day.
The Selborne group fund their support for local people in isolation through donations to

We would love to hear more of your positive stories and what volunteer efforts, however big or small, are going on in Camberwell. Please send them to us and we can publish them on our website and/or social media. You can write about your own experience giving or getting help. Email: