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What could you change with £100?


We’re all passionate about the food we eat, yet each year in the UK we throw away 15 million tonnes of food and drink. Nearly half of this is perfectly good to eat. This amounts to around £60 per week per household. 
In 2016 Sainsbury’s launched Waste less Save more in order to help households to reduce their food waste and save on their food bills while meeting new people and learning new skills along the way. 

This year Sainsbury’s are looking for 40 Camberwell households to take part in The Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge to build upon last year’s work. Households would ideally live on or around Bromar Road, Grove Hill Road, Malfort Road or Ivanhoe Road. Participating households will receive £50 of Sainsbury’s vouchers and £50 to spend on products that help reduce food waste. The Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge will run from April to July 2017. 

Participants will receive a food waste home consultation and a Zero Waste Kitchen Handbook to assist in the selection of products. The products are designed to help with planning, storage and cooking. There will also be cooking workshops, events and on-line support such as a Facebook group.


Please get in touch with tessa@hubbub.org.uk to register your interest and find out more.


Waste less Save more is part of a new partnership between Sainsbury’s, Southwark Council and environmental charity, Hubbub, which will help local residents to reduce their food waste and save on their food bills while meeting new people and learning new skills along the way.

Sainsbury’s customers have told us that wasting food is one of the biggest things on their mind and they hate doing it. Quite rightly, they see food waste as money going in the bin, and they’ve said they’d like help in this area. In response we created our Waste less, Save more programme, a five year plan designed to test, learn and share the best solutions for helping households reduce their food waste. https://wastelesssavemore. sainsburys.co.uk 

In 2016 we partnered with Swadlincote in Derbyshire to try out lots of projects and innovations to find the best ways households can reduce their food waste and save money. We’ve since delivered over 20 projects in the town which have helped to reduce household food waste, save money for families and strengthen local bonds. You can find out more about the initiative here: https://wastelesssavemore. sainsburys.co.uk/projects

Southwark Council are now keen for us to bring some of the learning to Camberwell. The project will begin early in early March and run through to May. We’re delighted to say that the London Evening Standard would like to follow this journey as their Food for London campaign turns its attention to household waste. 

Waste less Save more Camberwell will include a range of community projects from fun school programmes, cooking workshops and competitions to lasting features such as a community fridge. We are also looking for households in the East Dulwich Estate and Camberwell Grove areas to partake in the Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge reduction challenge.


Tessa Tricks, Creative Partner


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Southwark’s annual Wonder Day will take place on Saturday 17 September, in time to celebrate Recycle Week (12 – 18 September).

Southwark’s annual Wonder Day will take place on Saturday 17 September, Saturday 17 September, 10am to 4pm –  in time to celebrate Recycle Week (12 – 18 September).

On the day there will be tours of the facility so residents can learn first-hand how their recyclables and black bag waste are turned into new green products and energy. There will also be a host of interactive exhibits, games and fun to entertain the whole family:

Come see wild birds up close, and find out how some help out on site
Meet ‘R3cycle’ our friendly remote controlled robot made from old recycling bins who loves entertaining children
Explore the big machines that work on site and learn what they do
Discover the origins of materials, the recycling lifecycle, and play on a mini version of the facility at our Recycling Discovery Centre.

Alongside all this there will be the junk orchestra, arts and crafts and lots of free refreshments!

Coordinator of the event and education and outreach officer Sharon Elis said, ‘It’s going to be a fantastic, fun, and busy event with lots going on for families and the local community to enjoy and celebrate. This year is extra special because it’s Recycle Week and we will be promoting sustainability, as well as offering practical help and advice for those who want to do their best for the environment. Visitors can also get involved in quizzes, play games and win some great prizes to help raise money for FoodCycle.’

Councillor Ian  Wingfield, cabinet member for environment and public realm said: ‘I would highly recommend a visit to the site for a chance to see the modern cutting edge technology behind recycling. It’s a wonderfully quirky day out for the family but also really educational too.’

What residents said about last year’s event:

Anna Fairclough (SE7), ‘The kids look forward to coming every year! This is our second visit and it’s even better.’

David Warwick (SE23), ‘The whole visitor experience was very well thought through and well organised, very impressed.’

For more information regarding tour rules and things to do on the day click here.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Veolia Southwark

t: +44 (0)20 3567 2600

Southwark Integrated Waste Management Facility, 43 Devon Street, London. SE15 1AL


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